Diary of a mad homeowner

The trials and tribulations of fixing up a house filled with character but not much else


Angie’s List
Angie’s List is a fairly good resource. I didn’t have luck finding worthwhile contractors through this site but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Make sure the price you pay for the service is worth it. Always remember to be careful of sub-contractors. The worst contractor I came across was a very nice man who had no business being on a ladder. Though Angie’s List offered to arbitrate a settlement against the contractor that sent up an old many that remodeled my woodstove but not to code, I turned them down. Know that with contractors you ALWAYS have a choice. Sometimes you have to pay more to get the job done.

Colorado State University Extension Service
This is a great organization for questions about trees, weeds, soil and all things outdoors. Their fees are low and well worth it.

Firewise helps bring neighborhoods together for the benefit of fire mitigation. They have access to grants and resources to help remove slash and makes neighborhoods less susceptible to fire danger.

Spectrum Electric

Spectrum Electric was there the day my roof caught on fire. They are professional, reasonable and I highly recommend them. They have done some repairs at the Bar B other than just the roof.

Glass West

I used Glass West for window screens. I had mixed results with this small, owner-operator business in Marshdale. The owner came out to measure the window screens and the price was reasonable. The first set up screens I ordered came back too big to fit in the window. The second round of screens fit fairly well but a couple screens needed ‘encouragement’ to fit into place. I would still recommend this small business.

Colorado Premier Restoration

Colorado Premier Restoration came to my aid via my insurance company after the fire. They did an amazing job quickly and efficiently. There were problems with getting the finer details of the heat tape situated but they fixed all the problems and the result looks good. They resolve disaster problems such as fire, water, sewage, hail and also do remodeling work. They cleaned up their construction mess completely. No complaints here.





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