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The wallpaper from hell is almost history

The wallpaper from hell is almost history

I still hate wallpaper and the best thing that has happened this week is that the horror in the bathroom is disappearing from view.

Thanks to a few coats of drywall topping compound the last remnants of the wallpaper are beginning to bubble and only the real tough pieces will remain. After a couple coats the ceiling will be ready for its new color. The picture shows the frustration and hard work that went into even getting a few square feet of ugly wallpaper off the textured ceiling. Circles made with a wallpaper scoring tool, hand scraping and the pieces that refuse to budge have mocked me each time I go in there. That ceiling is the embodiment of frustration and despair.

Moving along towards a new bathroom, the walls will need a coat of Kilz to help even out the texture and give the compound something to stick to. I can handle that paint job.

I’ve already chosen my fixtures and flooring but I’m undecided about the bathtub. Reface or replace? I don’t know. I don’t have much left in me to tackle these last projects, namely the rest of the flooring (yes, it’s still being installed but that’s another story), installation of my Martha Stewart kitchen (ah, yes, to dream) and the bathroom.

Rather anti-climactic, having this thing that I hate most about the house fading behind handyman know-how and muscle. It’s been a tough week…