Done deal

So, yesterday was the day  I closed on the house in Conifer.

Of course, it didn’t go off without a hitch; Federal Reserve transfer problems, and apparently, now a mortgage company that is buying the paper on the house has to approve the deal. WTF? By the end of the day, I had the keys in my hand and trekked back up to the mountains to be only able to think about moving into the house.

This weekend, things will get going, cleaning, painting and repairing. The hope is to move in the following week, with no carpet, and missing appliances.

Lucky for me, there’s someone in the area who will come and pick up old appliances, and I have a creepy stove and filthy dishwasher that need to go. Cleaning supplies are stored in the mud-room ready to go, and I’m frustrated I can’t go there and begin cleaning; too many stories to write, and a pending trip to Vegas. Soon, though, I’ll be able to move in and leave Chateau d’Ford.

Today, I purchased the first item for the house; a mop. That’s somewhat symbolic.

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