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Fun with trees

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One of the first things that needed to be done at the Bar B Ranch was to take down 16 trees from the fenced-in backyard. The fun lasted about two-hours on October 19, 2010. The trees were a motley bunch of ponderosa and lodgepole pines and I have no clue why they weren’t cut down before the fence was erected or why they didn’t trim the trees to help them grow well and look good. They are inside a fence-line that is oddly shaped, but lucky for Chris and Drew, the odd shape allowed plenty of room to drop the rather-tall trees without too much trouble. Chris trimmed the slash and but the wood into woodstove-sized lengths.

Chris is an artist with a chainsaw and wrangles one like nobody else I’ve ever seen. If you ever need wood-work done, Chris is your guy. He made a huge difference in the trees that remained by giving them enough room to flourish. He knew which trees to leave and which ones should go either because they weren’t healthy or were just plain ugly.

One of the trees was dead and would have gone over in a windstorm, something I get plenty of at the Bar B. The dead, downed tree has helped me stay warm, it’s almost all been burned in the woodstove.

There was only one casualty from the logging operations and that was a slat from the fence when an errant branch came down on the fence. Chris managed to drop the trees either with a lot of room or inches to spare.

It was fun to watch and I made a few images while they were “playing” with a potentially dangerous chainsaw and a stand of big trees.

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