Snow in June

Colorado’s weather is legendary. Psychotic. Unpredictable. Like trying to lose weight by only eating ice cream.

I woke up on June 20, 2011 and snow had graced the Bar B Ranch. The following day was the first day of summer, but apparently Mother Nature Colorado had other ideas.

The the thermometer in the house read 52 degrees that morning but thanks to the dryer and the woodstove, I got the temp up to a toasty 82 degrees before I left for work. When I got home, the house was still 65 degrees. Not bad.

The June snow was a lot less than the foot-deep blanket of foot of heavy, wet snow that broke trees and reminded us that winter isn’t over until the following winter has begun. The snow made its hasty retreat and a few days later the temperature was climbing back to seasonal norms … about 65 degrees.

The weather up here is sometimes more than I bargained for. Oh, wait, the place WAS a bargain.

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