The end (of the wood) is in sight

It’s been almost two months and the floors at the Bar B are not quite finished but the end is in sight.

We’ve had problems with the flooring project and coming up 100 feet short on wood is no surprise. Time to do the work is precious and it’s hard to see almost a full day go to waste but that’s the way it is. We’ve run out of wood what with a large section that had to be pulled out and Jeremy’s estimate that 15 percent of the wood in each box has been bad.

With no way to get more wood on a Sunday the floor’s finish has been delayed yet again possibly as long as two weeks away. Home Depot has wood that matches my Columbia Flooring but it takes 10 days+ for the special-order wood to arrive.

The only real option is to go back to the worst flooring company ever – Professional Flooring Supply and buy an additional 100 square feet. I told Jeremy under no circumstances would I go down there and buy more flooring. If he wants to – fine but I’m not going down there. I would most likely vent on them and I would end up with another load of shitty wood. Lord knows what we’ll get from them this time. After all, as Derrick, the worst order taker ever to sit in a customer service chair says, “It’s the luck of the draw.”

It’s only the end of June and already I’m looking forward to winter when projects are put on hold, the snows falls, fire risk is down and the driveway is too dangerous to test by the uninitiated.

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