Bathroom pre-planning stage

Bathroom idea #1
Bathroom idea #1

My bathroom is as I’ve said, Calcutta in July.

It’s time to start making plans about that damned bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, it works, it’s functional and clean but it’s such a decorating disaster area. Though the wallpaper is gone and the ceiling is covered over with clean drywall, the floors are still peel-and-stick tile, the toilet and tube are fawn-colored and the vanity is really dark wood that someone obviously locked a couple dogs in and they literally tried to eat their way out. Small holes in the drywall have been repaired and the canvas is getting ready for paint.

The bathroom in the above image is the same configuration as mine and I wonder if the mirror the length of the vanity and toilet would be a nice idea. Somewhere in the many homes I’ve had I’ve had this configuration and it makes a small bathroom seem larger. It’s a lot of glass to clean!

I’m not a fan of the sink, the ones that sit above the vanity and require a new-age faucet to compliment their modern feel. I don’t think the Bar B bathroom can pull ‘modern’ off too well.

I like the light and color and it’s what I was planning. I look at that image and only wonder where you put a medicine cabinet, something I deem a totally luxurious necessity. Where do you put the towels and extra toilet paper?

I imagine a rather basic floor with easy to clean tile and white fixtures. I saw a really nice backwash on a Home Depot commercial lately. They commercial made it look so easy but I’m wiser now; I know the phrase ‘blood, sweat and tears’ was written to explain home improvement.

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