Wood be

Tens of cords of wood on this property and you’d think it’d be a cheap way to heat the house. Fuel right on the property; cheap and quick.

Not so much.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it would just be easier to call up a wood supplier, have them deliver it, pay them and have them leave. One shot deal.

It’s hard to believe how many times I touch a piece of wood. It gets cut down, it gets hauled to a pile, it gets blocked or stacked it, it gets loaded into wheel barrow, split and stacked. As my father used to say, “Load the car, unload the car.” Jesus.

Money and time.

I pay to have the trees cut down. I pay to have the trees cut up. Endless phone calls to arrange a day and time to have someone come up. Endless messages telling me they can’t come up because they either have gotten out of the wood business or are about to go to jail. It’s always something.

Seriously, next year I’m looking forward to just buy a few cords, pay about $300 and be done with it.

What wood you do?

One thought on “Wood be

  • September 18, 2014 at 11:28 am

    It would cost you $300/cord just for the wood, no delivery. And that’s not even good firewood. Soft pine like ponderosa (e.g. 7 Eleven firewood) will run you ~$300/cord, but the good stuff, like Oak and Piñon pine run upward of $500-600/cord. And delivery is usually on top of that. So, good to know what you’re getting and for how much.


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