Custom wood cutter

Jason's design is perfect for cutting small pieces of wood.
Jason’s design is perfect for cutting small pieces of wood.
I cut a lot of firewood.

Mostly it’s me versus a long piece of wood that needs cut into smaller pieces. the battlefield is the front porch with one end of the wood on the ground and the other end on the step. With one foot on the wood and saw in hand, I’ve cut smaller pieces of wood in this manner.

Recently, my son-in-law Jason came up to schlepp two cords of blocked wood from the Slightly Unenchanted Forest up to the woodshed. We talked about my need to block smaller pieces of wood and I asked him to build me a wood saw.

He came up with an idea that I hadn’t expected; a metal wood stand that securely holds the wood while it’s cut.

A foot-long piece of galvanized pipe holds the wood in place and it’s wide enough to hold the wood securely with one hand and cut with the other. It’s heavy and doesn’t move when it’s being used. Cutting is quick and easy.

This new toy is great – I’ve cut twice as much wood this year as I did last year simply because of the ease. I wish I had a covered place for it to live but the woodshed is full right now so it has to live outside but the nice thing is that this metal won’t rust.

This is a real boon for me. It’s been five years of cutting wood on the porch which only added to my low-back pain. Cutting wood this way has been a challenge.

A few times, I’ve fought with pieces of wood and lost. I’ve taken a few tumbles because the wood rolls when a rogue branch fights back. No more tumbles with this new toy.

With this great invention, most of the wood is cut and ready for winter.

Now all I need is some snow.

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