Fridge fun

It happens over a long period of time – noise that starts slowly, unobtrusively and without any concern.

Next thing you know you can’t hear the TV or a phone conversation because the fridge is running so much and so loudly.

I bought the fridge from Sears when I bought the house in 2010 and it’s a toney black with texture that keeps fingerprints from showing up. Pizza menus, school awards, pictures and magnets with cute sayings all are happy on it but as the outside looks good, the inside hides secrets.

I loathe calling repairmen to come up to Conifer to do repairs. I loathe contractors of all sorts but I found a great resource in All Appliance Service in Evergreen.

You know how it is, you take your car into the mechanic because it’s making a funny sound. When mechanic drives said car, the noise miraculously stops.

It’s the same with refrigerators.

The repairman came out and listened intently to the fridge and waited for almost a half hour for the noise to start. The noise never started. The noise that blares night and day didn’t make a peep while the repairman was here.

He poked and prodded the front of the fridge, the back of the fridge. He set dust bunnies free and set free a couple of old cranberries. A felt of cat hair kept the front of the fridge grate cozy warm.

His guess, an educated guess was that it’s the thermostat.

A week later he showed up with a brand new part ready to make install. He opened the fridge door and asked, “Is that the sound it makes?”

Yep. That’s it. A loud click when it turns on and a equally loud click when it turns off and a series of little clicks in between.

The culprit? A dodgy defroster control that apparently has been running day and night to keep the freezer defrosted.

A few moments later the new part was installed and the fridge was now quieter. Granted it’s not as quiet as my daughter’s $2,000 deluxe fridge, the Porsche of iceboxes.

A short time after he left, the fridge kicked on. It’s still louder than Jill’s but now I can hear season 3 of The Good Wife.

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