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More Stormy Weather

Colorado is usually dry. That’s an understatement in May and June but this year the sun has gone missing.

I was driving up U.S. 285 and came around the corner at Meyer’s Ranch and something was missing, namely the mountains. A curtain of gray obscured everything. I pulled into the King Soopers parking lot and had to wait out the storm.

The June 5 storm that clocked Conifer.
The June 5 storm that clocked Conifer.

I was lucky, there wasn’t much hail in that storm to damage my car but it poured!

Here’s the runoff from the storm in the King Soopers parking lot:

The storms are interesting because there’s not much lightning to go with the rain. In previous years the summer storms were frightening because of the noise. Four-thousand feet closer to the lightning is nerve wracking.

Between the snow and rain the fire danger has been very low. Fire officials are concerned that all this rainy weather will make grasses grow and when the summer sun dries them out the fire danger will be exponential. One advantage is trees that were heading towards a towing death due to the drought the last few years are refreshed. It’s a good thing.

The driveway has had puddles for close to six weeks and you’d think that would create problems but the dirt on the driveway is like concrete.

Lots of people complain about the rain but I have no issue with it because I have an amazing crop of dandelions.

One of the benefits of a lot of rain is a lot of dandelions.
One of the benefits of a lot of rain is a lot of dandelions.

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