Pine pollen hell

Pollen is pretty bad in June
Pollen is pretty bad in June

It’s June and right now everything at the Bar B is covered in pine pollen.

It covers every surface outside and if you leave windows open it means there’s a layer of yellow dust on everything. The wind kicks it up and the mountainside disappears behind a cloud of yellow.

Pine pollen is also known as a supplement that contains levels of testosterone and many people take the supplement. I seriously doubt anyone would want to come up here and scrape the yellow residue off my Subaru and ingest it.

The pollen season is short-lived but while it’s here it causes me to sneeze like nothing else. It’s the most beautiful time of the year and you can’t have the windows open because the stuff fills the house.

My car is no longer bronze color – it’s covered in yellow dust and windshield wiper fluid doesn’t do much to get it off. I’d wash my car but it wouldn’t do much good until the pollen wave moves off.

This year’s abundant rain has probably added to the sheer tonage of pollen in the air this year but I’m not complaining because every day with rain is a day without fire.

Of course the cats make a point of going outside and roll around in the stuff and bring it in and deposit in on anything close to my pillow. Along with the pollen they bring in dandelion spores, too.

I’ll bet the people that make eye drops and antihistamines makes most of their money this time of year. I’m one of their best customers.

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