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Twin trees peg out

Two driveway sentinels have given up the fight for life at the Bar B.

It’s been a quick demise and these two trees are now dry and pink. Their bark is sloughing off and they are inflexible in the wind. I’m not sure why they died but it’s odd to have two trees right next to each other die at the same time.

There’s been a couple of trees that were close to turning pink and the heavy, heavy rains earlier this year seem to have make a difference. Those trees had no green at all, they were brown and spindly. Now rain doesn’t make changes in trees happen right away. It wasn’t until late summer that I could see the trees were saved from a pink fate.

A nearby neighbor is in the process of cutting down most trees around their house to allow more sunlight for solar panels on their roof. So far they must have taken down about 20 trees and they didn’t have many to begin with. At least they haven’t cut down the aspen trees, that would be a crime.

I’d put solar panels on my roof but the snow gets too deep and heavy on the roof for panels to be effective most of the year. A friend had panels installed earlier this year and her last bill had a $30 credit when her bill should be climbing to $100+ what with the cold weather.

So I’m waiting for my tree guy to come back from “vacation” so he can cut down those two trees and the plan for the spring is to widen the top of the driveway a bit. The slope would still be steep so I’m not sure what good it does. I’d almost have to wide then entire driveway.

I made the plow guy promise that we’d add more dirt to the driveway come spring because there are so many rocks/boulders sticking up out of the ground and I can hear his plow when it dings one of them.

For now, I feel sad for the two tall trees that will have to come down soon. Sure, I’ve had more than 1,000 nondescript trees cut down but I feel about these two the way I did when we cut down 30+ trees in the back yard.

They were sentinels and their day is done.

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