Ice-Version 2016

The storm on the first day of February dumped 18 inches of snow on the Bar B. In the following days, the temperature ranged closer to below zero at night. It was COLD.

It’s been the year of ice dams and icicles in the mountain area and most people are fighting frozen water that’s seeping into walls and building up to gigantic proportions. I’ve had icicles on the back of the house but this morning they were epic. I twisted one section off and it must have weighed 20 pounds. It was huge and grew throughout the day.

icicles and wind chimes

My favorite light combination is dark blue skies against bright white snow. This morning the frost on the inside of my bedroom window mimicked the trees outside. Frost wants to be trees.

The sun is arcing back north and there’s more sun each day. Still, it’s damn cold outside and the cold makes for pretty sunrises. Tomorrow the roof will require attention and I’ll shovel as much snow off the gutter to keep the ice down. I’ll throw ice melt up there to help but ice is here to stay for a while.

icicles and sunrise

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