The task list begins

Posted: June 16, 2016 in Leave or Stay
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1. Bag the insurance claim for the fire on the roof.

2. Rip out the old heat tape on the roof.

3. Don’t install new heat tape on the roof.

4. Get the ceiling in the main room painted.

5. Paint the bathroom. White will do.

6. Get the baseboards finished.

7. Paint the back of the house myself. Can’t trust anyone else to do it.

8. Weed wack a few areas.

9. Let people who need wood come and take whatever they want. I won’t need it.

10. Paint the woodshed.

11. Clean out the shed. Toss that shit and forget it.

12. Paint the kitchen back splash.

13. Sort and get ready to move.

14. Find a barn cat program for Buzz and Petticoat. Skeeter can stay.

15. Make a list of what I want in a home.

16. Start looking for another home.

There. That’s not so bad.

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