Mad, sad and tired

I’m beginning to despise the Bar B.

Two neighbors are causing so much friction and tension that one neighbor has turned his yard into a shooting range. No fooling.

It’s simple enough to ask that a neighbor’s dog stop barking. Especially when you’re trying desperately to sell your house and move away. A simple request, a rude response, a summons, fines and then gunshots.

Mr. “I’m an engineer” has gone off the deep end. It was his dogs that bark. CONSTANTLY. If they bother me I just yell at them to stop and they comply. It’s not bad here, the trees diffuse most of the sound but it’s different if there’s no barrier between you and shitty dogs.

First was the polite phone call wherein the caller was told to get stuffed, bitch, nosey, blah, blah, blah.

Jeffco Animal Control got involved and near as I can tell from snide posts on Facebook that the “visit” cost them a lot of money.

No licenses on their dogs, three of which are allowed in Jeffco, the fourth is not, no rabies tags and fines if the noise problem isn’t resolved.

No, these are people aren’t savvy to know that “reading between the lines” is what Facebook is all about.

I’ll admit, Mr. “I’m an engineer” has been doing a great job of keeping the dogs quiet. I’d thank him but that’s not going to happen now. When the first shots were fired, Jeffco came and left and blessed his Second Amendment rights.

However, I’d rather have barking dogs that the shooting range he’s created. He shoots into his open ended garage and has a mirror set up so he can see if the neighbors he’s feuding with are coming out and filming him.

That’s insane.

The anti-dog neighbor calls me up to five times a day telling me the latest updates: he’s shooting again today, Jeffco sheriffs said there’s nothing they can do because it’s legal, more posts on Facebook more righteous indignation that more neighbors aren’t siding with her.

I feel an ultimatum coming on. Join my cause or …

Both have caused great stress in my life. Sorry, but it’s true.

I’ve lost faith in so many things lately. The goodness of bears to not desecrate my trash, the goodness of neighbors to work things out, the duty of law enforcement to protect people.

Jeffco will come down on you for being over your dog limit but it’s OK to shoot a gun not 50 feet from other houses in a neighborhood.

Now why do people in town get arrested for it but up here it’s Lawless City?

This realization makes me scared. That I can’t trust law enforcement to help me when I need it the most.

I called a realtor this evening to talk tomorrow about putting the Bar B up for sale. I posted a teaser on Facebook and there’s plenty of interest simply because there isn’t one single ranch-style house in the mountain are for sale right now.

I’m tired of wildlife, wildfires, wild neighbors. I’m sad that friends don’t come up to visit. I’m scared that should I get sick again that the ER isn’t so far away. I want to be able to go at night and not worry about mountain lions at the front door.

I want out of Jefferson County.

I’m a good person and deserve a home, not a war zone.

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