From Christine to Tina

I finally got a new engine for Christine.

It’s been a long time coming with lots of frustration along the way.

Subaru engines from 2011-14 Outbacks, Foresters, CrossTreks and a few others had incorrectly built engine blocks. That fault caused engine failure, usually in the form of a rod going out the side of the block. The symptom of the problem was excessive oil consumption. Some owners report consumption of one quart per every 300 miles. Christine’s consumption was closer to one quart every 1,200 miles.

I had taken Christine to AutoNation in Golden which was my first mistake. Oh, the technicians were great but the service writer I had acted like he was the one paying for the engine. According to their records, AutoNation did 4 oil test on my car. I only remember one. The service writer was always rude about the whole thing.

You can’t help but be defensive when you have a problem and you keep getting treated in the same crappy way. I was not the most pleasant customer in the place.

At the last test when my car “passed” by 4/10s of an ounce and the service writer from hell declared “no new engine” I was pretty incredulous. After the service writer walked away, the technician walked behind me and said, “Take it to Groove.”

I called Groove Subaru on south Broadway a few days later. We started another test.

On Subarus there’s no real way to track mileage other than watching the odometer like a hawk. Can you say exactly what mileage is on your car right at this moment? Me either.

I missed the mark by a hundred miles but Rashid, my service writer at Groove was unconcerned. They took Christine into the service bay and I waited for 3 hours. I asked (nicely) about the wait and he said that they were waiting for a rental car for me because Christine failed her test, no question.

I drove off in a 2017 CrossTrek, which is a nice car but too small for the likes of me! Groove had Christine for 10 days. A few problems arose with the engine install and a few things needed repaired on her. Done.

I’ve had Christine back for almost 1,000 miles and I’ve been nervous; will this engine fail, too?

Turns out, no.

As of 1,000 miles, no oil consumption in the new engine. Not a drop.

The saga that lasted 2.5 years SEEMS closed. Of course, she’ll need repairs from normal wear and tear but the engine part of this is done.

If you need service, don’t waste your time with AutoNation. Go to Groove. I know I will from now on.

Subaru sent me an email looking for an update on the engine issue and I told them I got a new engine and I was very happy. It’s true.

A few days later a big box came in the mail from Subaru. I didn’t order anything from them let alone a beautiful duffle bag compliments of Subaru. The bag is a gift for all the trouble I had getting the new engine because it should have been easier.

It was a known problem and though the lawsuit helped owners like me. It all came down to going to the right dealership. The number 1 Subaru dealership in America in customer satisfaction. I’m satisfied.

As for Christine, she’s now Tina. I figure new engine, new name.

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