Wooden woodpile wood walkway

Mud is my enemy.

Mud stands in between me and the woodpile and the only solution is make a walkway.

I have several pallets used in the woodpile to keep the cut wood off the ground and in the MUD. My son took two of the pallets and filled the large gaps with planks from Ace making sure that the gaps in the boards weren’t large enough to catch a deer’s leg or a bear paw.

He lined them up between the house and woodpile. They come apart so they can be moved when it’s time to split wood or moved things around.

They’re not painted because I like the different woods and their colors. I suppose I could paint them the colors of the house but I think they’ll be too slippery if painted. I’ll have to shovel snow off them a few times to see how slick they are. I could probably put no-slip strips on there if it’s a hazard during wet weather.

It’s handy to walk between the house and woodpile now and stay out of the mud. The only problem is we haven’t had any snow in almost a month.

No snow in sight, no mud in sight.

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