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Claws and paws

The bears are out!

It’s been a tough winter this year: lots of snow, gray skies and mud. We’ve had a few storms that forecasters warned of 3-6 inches of snow and I get two feet. One storm cost $150 to plow the driveway.

In the wake of the winter’s decline, the bears are waking up and they’re hungry.

The paper already has stories of one person in Breckenridge who left a couple Gummi bears in their car and a bear clawed its way through a car door proven to keep people safe in accidents.

Last week a bruin wandered past the front door and left a print by the gate. It measured 5 inches wide and about 8 inches long. The claw marks left deep impressions through the snow and into the dirt below.

So now begins the dance of putting out the trash at the right time, before the local bears get a chance to raid the neighbor’s Mountain View waste containers like a trash can smorgasbord. Sometimes it means taking my trash and surreptitiously dropping it into a Dumpster at work.

It’s a long season, keeping the bears out of the trash.

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