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More trees

More trees down

I’ve got lots of trees. We dropped trees through the summer down in the Slightly Unenchanted Forest. There were 15 trees that died over last winter and I wanted to get them down. It took a few days to drop them and bring the wood up. Most of the slash is still down there, piled up to dry for next year.

We dropped more trees up by the road and piled the slash for pick up by the local fire district.

The dirt by the woodshed is eroding and roots were showing. A few had rot and needed to come down before they fell down.

Makes me want to cut down more. Leave the trees up by the road but the ones in between the woodshed and road would stay. The only thing we did wrong was fell the trees onto the driveway. There’s tons of pinecones to walk over and it’s gonna break my ankle. The wood is heavy and had to be moved from the driveway to the area by the road so they can dry out for next year. It was a lesson learned.

More trees. I wish I’d kept track of many we’ve downed. My estimate is that I’ve spent almost $20,000 on trees.

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