Diary of a mad homeowner

The trials and tribulations of fixing up a house filled with character but not much else

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Dolly left us last year.

That left a big gap in the family’s lineage of pets. Matt and Jill only lasted a few months before they brought a dog home. That dog was Patches.

Patches came from a Fort Collins shelter and her goofy picture on their website won Jill’s heart. They filled out an application and made an appointment to meet her.

Shelter dogs are not always gracious and well behaved. That was Patches for sure. They brought her home for a trial period and she didn’t really settle in right away. She lunged at Ahab and Schmitty, she barked aggressively at visitors and was filled with anxiety.

I had expected Patches to go back to the shelter but Jill and Matt are incredible pet owners. They won Patches over and now she’s renamed, Mabel.

Mabel now has the run of the house, isn’t afraid to go outdoors by herself and has a wardrobe for special occasions such as a pink dress for Easter. She’s a pushover for chewy sticks and I bring one with me when I go to her house.

When we sit down to dinner, she lays on my feet, or anyone’s feet. She pokes her nose out from under the table and says hi, just to make sure everyone is still there.

Schmitty kicks Mabel’s ass and they tumble around and the dog has to be reminded not to put the cat’s head in her mouth.

She’s learned the dog parks are a good thing. That a warm bed and plenty to eat is a good thing. She goes to work every day with my daughter so she’s technically a working dog. She barks when she hears other dogs barking, so that’s annoying.

Jill had her lineage tested. They originally thought she had Bassett in her because of her weird feet but she’s almost all pit bull, Staffordshire terrier and a mix of other things but no Bassett. Look at her closely and you can see the pit bull in her. They adore her anyway.

Adopt, don’t shop. There are millions of animals in shelters at this very moment and they are waiting for you. Go find yourself a Mabel.

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