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Mad at companies that don’t honor their appointments

I have one day off a week – Tuesdays.

I had an appointment with Shirley Septic of Conifer to come out and pump my septic system. I was told they would be here sometime today, Tuesday, Dec. 7.

At 1 p.m. I called to find out if they at least had an idea what time they would come by, and the person who answered the phone said she would contact them and find out. At 4 p.m. I had not heard from them and I called the office for a second time. Another person told me the driver had just called to say they were “running out of daylight” and they would put me on the schedule for Friday. Another day of waiting and another chance for them to make a fool of me for the second time. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I told them to take me off the list – this is an unprofessional thing to do to a customer, to make them wait all day, with no calls, no explanation, just a flimsy, “I’m sorry” from someone who couldn’t care less that I had waited all day for people I feel had no desire to come here at all.

I’ve had a funny feeling about these people from the beginning; I’ve been treated cooly and when I’ve been to their office to drop off water samples, I get the feeling I’m interrupting their time to change diapers and chase kids. Yes, the office doubles as a day-care center.

Perhaps they didn’t like the story I wrote on one of their family members, a good story that ended up being free advertising for these people.

I’m sure there are other companies that would like my business. I guess this is what happens when you deal with a septic company, you get shit on.

Avoid doing business with Shirley Septic.

Grade: F

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