Mountain Hearth and Patio

Mountain Hearth and Patio is located along Highway 73 between Evergreen and Conifer and I stopped in the office one day after my run-in with the incompetence of a local chimney company.

Granted, they hadn’t called me back after I left a message with them the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but they came highly recommended by friend and neighbors Joe and Katie Dix. I stopped by and told them the problem I was having, that someone had told me my chimney needed to be increased in height to the tune of $500. BTW, that person has never called me back, so apparently, they will only help you if you buy $3,000 worth of stove 30 seconds after they walk in the house.

They apologized for not getting back to me, which I have found is a common problem with mountain businesses, they don’t call you back. It’s a problem with EVERYONE.

Anyway, two technicians came out and showed their identification and produced many large towels to place on my floor. They made sure they didn’t leave a mark on my low-rent floor. They inspected the stove, carefully and thoroughly. They went on the roof that did have some snow on it, and took the newly cleaned cap off and inspected the pipe. They did recommend not using the stove until they had a chance to talk with owner and expert, Jake Johnson. They said I should use fireproof rugs in front of the stove – the genius who built the stove’s platform lined it with wood. They said someone would contact me with an estimate in two days. Someone called me in three days and went over recommendations for my stove. Their advice is to not increase the chimney height, but definitely get rugs for the floor. They offered a selection of rugs at their showroom, priced from $70 to $300.

I recommend this company for woodstove purchases, repairs and equipment.

Grade: A

Here is their website:

303-674-5377 is their number.

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