Septic sucks

1979 property drawing

Septic sucks.

I understand why previous owners have neglected pumping the septic system. Nobody’s really sure where it is.

There’s a clean-out pipe, but nobody is sure what’s in that pipe, just an ominous turn in the pipe towards the north.

Violet at Evergreen Septic has been a helpful if chatty front line person of the company, and has given me more help than Shirley Septic ever did. She had me contact Jefferson County Health Department and ask for an As-built-drawing. Lawrence at the the Health Department laughed at the drawing when he saw it and said it looked like a 3-year-old drew it. The date in the upper left  corner is dated March 1978.

The drawing indicates that the septic system is 20 feet pass the house, not so. The septic is probably closer to 42 feet away.

On Friday, a crew is coming out to flush something down the toilet in hopes of locating the septic system. Digging will be involved to uncover two lids that cover the two-section poop compartment. This is going to cost me a lot of money, but apparently, the septic hasn’t been pumped in 30 years. Oy.

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