Drywall done: Before and after

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After a long slog with a gifted but difficult contractor, the Tyvek was gone and new drywall was in its place. That huge change makes a huge difference in how the whole house feels.

Next it was all about choosing a color for that large area of wall. My daughter Jill has a great ability to choose a color and I took her along to Home Depot. She had a brilliant idea – take a picture of an area you want to paint and include the furnishings and pictures in the image. Carefully cut the wall area out of the picture and take the image with you when you shop for color. That way when you are faced with a rainbow of color choices you can lay the picture over a swatch or several swatches and see how the color will work with your decor.

The final choice was Behr’s Silver Tinsel, a wonderful color that changes hues with the light. Sometimes it’s green, sometimes it’s gray. It’s the most wonderful color I’ve ever used.

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