Living rooms need walls, not exposed Tyvek

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Flat paint on drywall, wallpaper, Tyvek, Wood paneling, ceramic tile … all on one wall.

That was the reality of only one wall in my house. Not so long ago the wall wasn’t such a long stretch; it was broken up by a wall, a fireplace and a lot of clutter. I applaud the decision to take original wall down because it opens up the main room of the house giving it a welcoming feel. The problem with construction is that taking stuff down is easier than putting it up.

Tyvek: an insulation product used in most home to keep warmth in and the cold out. Meant not to be noticed.

For nearly a year, the exposed Tyvek in the living room was there for all to see and thanks to a hole in the outside siding, it popped with each gust of wind. From the front door the flat paint and wallpaper were encountered. A few feet farther are holes in the drywall where the old wall was taken down and the Tyvek was exposed. Next is a segment of wood paneling, not the cheap kind popular in the 80s but real quality tongue and groove wood that actually was the most appealing and striking feature in the main room. Next are ceramic tiles that make up a protective area for the woodstove. The tiles absorb excess heat from the stove. The problem is the tiles are also from the 80s and not attractive.

That’s it – one wall at the Bar B.

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