Scenes from a back yard

The back yard at the Bar B has gone through many changes. Trees down, clean-up, heavy snows, summer sun and most of all, peace and quiet.

Here are a few videos of the Bar B back yard.

First up is Buzz trying to navigate three-foot deep snow in March 2013. He used my foot prints to get to a welcome mat that had blown off the deck.

Since almost all the trees have been removed from the fenced part of the yard, it’s a clear view to the Ponderosa, lodgepole and single Aspen tree that rim the property to the east. When it snows it’s otherworldly.

Part of the charm of the Bar B is the wonderful (yet untamed) back yard. The deck is an asset to the property and with a 6-foot (removable) fence, it’s a pet paradise. Petticoat, left, and Nina, right love the railing that gives them a birds-eye view of their domain.

The yard is another project that is on the horizon; I’d like to add some raised garden beds and some ground cover that will grow out there. There are wild roses that needed tending along with many, many raspberry bushes. Since I’m confident in my skill to grow tomatoes at this altitude and I’ve switched my attention to taming the wild raspberries. Each year, something different.

Right now, the only thing to cultivate in the Bar B back yard is snow.

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