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Crack fix

Two years ago I had drywall installed in the main room to cover the expanse of wallpaper, exposed Tyvek and wood paneling. After two years of heavy snow on the Bar B roof, the crack began working it’s way from the top of the ceiling following the outline of the drywall. It looks like it’s a flaw in the house but it’s not; it’s the work of a Colorado winter on a wall near a joint. The fix is to carve along the drywall and replace it with a flexible tape, put drywall mud over it and then repaint it.

I have confidence Jerry (in the photo) can make this fix stick. He did a very nice job on the drywall patching.

This is the last step for the main room at the Bar B – I’ll tackle the kitchen in Phase 2 construction but after this room is painted by Colorado Commercial Painting (which I found on Angie’s List, God bless her, whoever she is), I can call this part DONE.

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