Closet your dreams

I suppose the only way to corral more than a dozen German Shepherds was to tear down the wall between the second and third bedroom but the sheer loss of storage space with that myopic vision made it imperative to endure more construction.

The new wall created two single-rooms rather than one big, odd-shaped room and now I have three closets were before I had only one in the master bedroom. For a long time I did nothing about those closets other than stack Rubbermaid containers filled with assorted junk. One closet saw the birth of five kittens last year. But I got tired of living The Rubbermaid life and I contracted to have shelves installed and new doors and frames put in.

The shelves went in easy enough though the closets weren’t done being painted. The doors fit perfectly into the opening provided and that’s about the only thing that’s gone easy at the Bar B.

Now with the shelves installed, the two bedroom closets and hallway linen closet are filled, stacked neatly and you can find whatever you’re looking for without have to open a bunch of plastic containers.

My favorite storage devices are still the little plastic drawers that you can see what’s in that particular drawer without having to open it up. Towels are folded neatly, power cords and Mac accessories are neatly tucked away and Mariah’s Easy Bake Over is within easy reach.

It’s been the biggest blessing so far, to have closets to hide everything from hair color to litter boxes.

I love the doors; both of them are cut on a grain that offers Edward Munch-esque images and I wish I could replace all the dark, worn doors here. Some are so badly scratched from dogs, some have anger-filled holes punched in them, and others have done their service protecting the owners from what lay outside.

Jerry Orstead finished the closets and has taken on many other chores at the Bar B including fixing two broken drawers and building a cover for my wood splitter. It’s a “honey’do” without the obligation other than a check.

Right now, life is good.

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