Martha … save me

I hate Martha Stewart. She makes me feel inadequate because I don’t grow a Buchart Garden at my house each year, I don’t make anything out of popsicle sticks and twigs are better left on the ground or for starting a fire in the woodstove. She makes it look so easy when she’s preparing a gourmet meal and offers self-esteem wrapped up in a 200-page magazine each month. To my daughters she’s a paragon; to me she’s an embodiment of all that’s wrong in the world. Do more. Be more. Stick a twig in it, put a fresh coat of paint on it. Where does she get her energy? She must be on speed or something.

A few years ago she fell from grace and after her insider trading snafu, I realize that maybe I’m not so dumb. After that, Martha hasn’t worried me so much.

My kitchen cabinets are pretty old, pretty ugly, pretty bad. They’re dark, they’re functionality is right up there with putting everything on a shelf above the stove.

I’ve had the idea to put new cabinets in – it wouldn’t be too big of a job, the kitchen is only 10 feet by 10 feet. Small enough to be compact but big enough to be functional and covered in ugly.

I’ve been cabinet shopping and nothing appealed to me until I came across Martha Stewart’s cabinets at Home Depot. The minute I saw them I knew that’s what I want. Seldom do I have a response like that. Mostly I just drift down the river of home improvement looking for what works, what’s economical.

I love these cabinets. I love the color and the openness of them. They invite you to put things in them, ingredients for future meals of quality and care. They offer nooks to place those small items that usually end up on the counter and then in the bag for Goodwill because they’re in you’re way. I can see drawer organizers to make everything easy to find rather than buying 5 cans of diced tomatoes and coming home to find 5 cans stuffed in a dark corner of the cabinet.

The price for a 10 x 10 kitchen is $2300 for the cabinets, $500 for the sink and $2300 for the Corian countertop. I’m not going with Corian, I don’t need something that will last until the end of time, just something that looks good and is economical. Where have I heard that before?

I don’t love the “dog wash” sink. I need a plain old sink with two sides and a nice faucet. I don’t plan on washing any dogs.

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