Back in the back yard

Winter snows have given way to rocky dirt of the Bar B back yard. It’s still a mess from tree mitigation what with piles of slash, stacks of logs, tons of dandelions, tangles of raspeberries and weedy grasses. It’s been pretty low on the list and the two decks and gorgeous trees provide enough of a distraction that you don’t see it quite so much.

Transforming the yard has been low on the list what with all the other projects but it’s time to work on the weeds and clean up the general mess left by winter.

With the house’s new paint job now the railing on the deck looks shabby and uncared for. I’d also like to get rid of the wire mesh put up to keep dogs in/out and paint the deck railing. Not even on the radar yet, it’ll get done eventually.

More clean-up is needed on the deck that’s been used as a make-shift construction area for contractors. Pieces of wood and piles of dust have gathered under the deck and that area needs a god clean out, the removal of fallen bird seed under the feeders and maybe some stakes to help the raspberries climb and fruitful.

Another paint project is the back wall of the house since the fresh crop of woodpeckers and nut hatches have worked over the new wood with tasty zeal. Good thing I have more brown paint.

Whether in the mountains or the city, spring brings inevitable yard work.

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