Blowin’ in the wind

It’s only a few seconds long but my video of the winds on top Shadow Mountain on June 2, 2013 show only a fraction of how much the wind can blow at the onset of a cold front.

The Bar B is built on the top of a hill and in the “shadow” of a Conifer Mountain. That wind break means the wind howls over the larger mountain and catches the speed of approaching storms. The nice thing here is wind tends to “blow over” the house but it rustles the trees from the Slightly Unenchanted Forest pretty well.

The wind also ruffles the two aspen trees just outside the fence line to the east and though the trees back there are hearty and healthy, it’s still a little unnerving when the winds gust as high as 58 mph as they did that day.

Winds are usually no big deal but in the mountains they be the harbingers of things to come.

I get nervous when it gets windy.

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