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Floor finish

The floors at the Bar B are finally in.

It’s been hell and it’s been anti-climactic all at the same time.

Nearly three months have gone by since the wood’s delivery and slowly but surely it’s been installed. Looking back I wish it could have been done over a few days rather than over almost two months.

It’s pretty tough to constantly move furniture, upset my routine and lose track of things I need. I still can’t find my Kindle charger and I have a sinking feeling it was in a bag of clothing stashed away when I had to empty my closet. Murphy’s Law says never set two identical bags next to each other – one set to go to the Goodwill and the other used just to hold things until you’re ready to put stuff back. Inevitably you’ll take both bags and donate them.

The floors change the light in the house and make a huge difference in how the place looks.

The floors look good but this isn’t my first time having hardwood installed. I see flaws all over. Some pieces move when you walk on them. Tiny edges catch everything from cat hair to mop strings. All problems will be resolved when the floors are refinishing, probably years from now.

The stress has been incredible. My patience is shot and one of my cats is loosing some fur on her back from the unbearably loud noise and being locked up in different rooms for long stretches of time.

I’m tired of sweeping up wood dust, tired of mopping and cleaning the walls. I have to do it each time a section is installed. If you don’t you get tons of dust all over everything. That dust is dangerous to inhale and it’s best to get it out of here. Take a white cloth and wipe down anything from the stove to the walls and there’s a wood-colored dust on there.

But it’s done and time to move on.

Today I put pictures back on the wall and moved some furniture around. I need a new desk and some new area rugs and I have to brave going shopping.

Next is installing the baseboards which will give the floors a nice, finished look. That will happen soon enough but not right now. We need a break, after all it’s Fourth of July weekend. Time for a little time off.

Next it looks like I’ll tackle the mud room, tearing out the fake wood and two layers of ugly peel and stick tile. New ceramic tile (easy to clean, after all it’s a mudroom) and drywall and paint the whole thing. Lighter wood and a new door with new locks will refresh the completely dated mudroom and will the change will be dramatic and less traumatic, I’m sure.

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