Winter Wonderland

An incredible sunrise in January 2014.
An incredible sunrise in January 2014.

Strong winds bombarded Colorado in early January 2014 and both the mountains and plains received their fair share of winds, some as high as 100 mph just a few miles away in Evergreen.

I’m so lucky that where the house sits means winds blow right over the top of the house, and trees up by the road act as a buffer to keep strong gusts from rocking the house. The upside is there are personal snowstorms that come from snow as it whips off the house. Though the summer months bring fears of wildfire, the winter months bring incredible storms of snow.

Check out a video from the back porch:

The wind molded the snow creating a solid crust leaving soft snow underneath. Hell to walk on without falling.

Snow sculpture
Snow sculpture

In mid-January the light was incredible one evening and the light was something not often seen up here. I made no changes in the white balance when I processed the image in PhotoShop. The color of the sky was what’s called “God Light” and can often be an error when novice photographers use automatic white balance rather than memorizing the Kelvin settings that each light manifests. The golden color comes from a tungsten setting around 4200k and brings a warm tone to the image. That night it was all nature’s show and I was surprised my iPhone captured even a small portion of the magnificent light that night.

A "tungsten" sunset in January 2014.
A “tungsten” sunset in January 2014.

Another tungsten gem:

Another "tungsten" sunset in January 2014
Another “tungsten” sunset in January 2014

Though I miss the incredible views from the house in Pine, every once and a while I get a treasure trove of beautiful colors at the Bar B.

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