It’s hard to see but it’s a tree

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I know this is hard to see but it’s an aspen tree growing INSIDE the fence at the Bar B.

More about trees. Yes, I still have tons of trees but these little trees are very special here at the Bar B. They are healthy aspen trees that are growing inside the fence, away and safe from hungry antler-bedecked creatures.

Last year a sick aspen tree had to come down and when one aspen falls, the root systems sends out shoots to strengthen the root system and bring in more light and nutrients to the system. Aspens are deciduous trees which mean they loose their leaves each year. They come out from a single seedling and are known to not burn during a forest fire. Their roots are too far underground to be affected by the heat of a fires and thereby survive where as lodgepoles and any other pine go up in smoke.

Right now there are six suckers that are peeking out from the tangle of soon-to-be eradicated weeds. They are healthy and doing well which is a great event here at the Bar B.

Since I had more than 30 trees removed from the back yard, the back deck is a hot and miserable place during the summer. It’s TOOO hot to be out there for long but with the coming of many aspen trees, the back deck will once again be a cool and shady place. Thought hindsight is 20-20 I believe I should have kept a few trees that were near the back fence but hey, live and learn.

In five years or so the back yard should be replete with aspens, that is as long as the deer don’t catch wind of them and hop the fence.

Though there are about 20 suckers on the other side of the fence, they will survive if Bambi and his friends stay away from their tender leaves and delicious bark.

I checked out the big aspen tree on the other side of the fence and though it’s beautiful this year, it’s on its last limbs and could fall in a windstorm. It will be with great sadness that it’s cut down next year. Chris, the tree guy even has a hard time thinking about bringing down the Big Twig but it will have to be done.

I know that when that sad day comes, the root system will rally and more trees than ever will begin to sprout just as others have sprouted on the other side of the property. Unfortunately, they are too close to the overhead lines, the fence and will block sun on the wintery roof so these 6-foot pioneers will have to go as well. Maybe not today, but soon.

I am the tree killer.

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