A new cowgirl at the Bar B

Few things are better than a new addition to the family. I’m not talking about a snow blower or a new water storage tank, I’m talking about a brand new baby.

A few days ago my family increased by one with the birth of Emma. Her parents are my oldest daughter and her husband, and it’s been a whirlwind week around here. Emma decided to arrive but took her sweet time about it.

When my son’s daughter was born, I admit I was a little detached. It’s easy when it’s not your daughter; the one who takes all the risks, does all the work and you’re scared when things don’t go according to script. This time it was my daughter and as things progressed, I got worried. Those who were waiting with me were happily focused on the outcome but I was anxious. Each minute of labor, each check, every push, every prep for a c-section. I needn’t be worried though, at the end she had an excellent doctor and she did a hell of a lot better job of choosing a husband than I ever did.

Emma’s first name is derived from Emmeline Rosaline Fling Brown, the best aunt anyone could ever have. I’m sorry that not all my kids got to spend time with Emy. She was a pistol and the matriarch of her family. She won at poker, drank Coors, loved her dogs and was chic. She told me once – never have your nails done. You’ll look at your newly polished nails and want to get your hair done and then you’ll want a new wardrobe and new car. If I lied about something, she called me on it. When I turned up pregnant and unmarried, she welcomed my baby into her home and life. She was a gracious hostess and when her dog snatched the Thanksgiving turkey off the kitchen counter, she handled the situation with aplomb. It’s a wonderful legacy for Emma to have, to be named after such a beautiful, fun and sassy aunt.

Emma has a wonderful life ahead of her: she’ll have confidence at school with each passing grade, she’ll have adventure, learn to play musical instruments without fear, she’ll probably raise a prize steer that wins Grand Champion at the Denver Stock Show, she will have a kind heart and trustworthy intuition. She’ll run and bike and climb and know how to shoot a gun. She will be beautiful as an old soul in a young body. She will be loved, protected and nurtured by her parents but she will challenge then and teach them the golden truth in the old saying – There are two things you give your children: the first is roots and the second is wings.

Emma, Grandma’s waiting for you. You need a some time to wake up a bit and learn how to use your arms and legs and brain. I’ll be waiting with old Disney flicks, lots of weird cats, a love of the Colorado mountains and the beaches of Washington state, with lots of recipes handed down from your great, great grandmother, a generous selection of electronic gadgets and an explanation for any questions you may have about Star Trek and alternate universes. Yes, Sweetie, Grandma is a little odd but you’ll get used to it soon enough.

Welcome to the world, Emma.

Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl

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