Seriously, a new door

A few years ago (and quite a few blog entries back) I showcased the new outer door I’d purchased for the Bar B.

I was really beautiful and showcased my funky inner door’s red color and farmhouse windows. Turns out it was a piece of crap and quickly fell apart under the constant use, in and out. The cold months were the hardest and the glass finally came loose and the only way to fix it was with sticky clear tape. Even that wouldn’t hold the glass in and each season brought more stresses that made it finally give out.

I’ve been working extra hours to buy a security door, not just a pretty door that’s basically useless.

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I searched the Home Deport website to find the right door and I did, a simple security door with minimal design. I went to the Home Depot on South Eldridge in Morrison.

The only place worse than Wal-Mart on a Saturday is Home Depot on a Saturday.

The staff is uninterested in being helpful and turns out that store doesn’t and has never carried security doors, so said the overworked man in the orange apron. He suggested I go to the store in Golden, they have security doors. Just to be churlish I asked him to call the store and make sure.

They carry storm doors in Golden.

Of course, the door I wanted wasn’t to be had, only three choices: a curly-Q whimsical nightmare, one with adorations on its prison-like bars and the one I purchased, a design with minimal bars and a classic design. The cost: $229 except that when the guy in the orange apron brought the door down from the tall rack, it had a few holes in the cardboard and he gave me $30 off.

The hardware including keys and double-dead bolt cost $30.

My son-in-law Jason and my son Paul first removed the old door and installed the new door. Easier said than done, it took about 4 hours.

Now installed, the door is extra peace of mind. Not so much in that it can keep a bear out but it will slow one down, giving me enough time to possibly have to defend myself.

It’s a nice door. Seriously.

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