Seriously. Another new door!

The overtime and extra shifts I’ve been working paid off with two new outer doors for the Bar B.

Two weeks ago Jason and Paul installed the new front door and today Paul installed the back door. They match: front and back. I’ll be honest, I had made it all the way to the check-out stands with another door. Much more intricate, heavy and expensive. Paul had arrived at Home Depot before I did and loaded the intricate, heavy and expensive door. I thought it was fate because I’d considered buying the more ornate door but something wasn’t quite right.

For me, $70 beat out fate and Paul went back and got the matching door. I’m fickle but fickle has a bottom line.

As Paul dismantled the old door I felt a twinge of regret. The old door has done a great job over the years. A great job keeping the house protected from the cold and heat. It’s a much sturdier door than the front door was though if you moved the window up or down the door would collapse. The only thing really holding the door in place was the glass panes. It’d been shedding parts for the last few years and a piece of tape held the top pain in place.

I’ll put another ad in Craigslist’s “free” section like I did with the front door. Funny thing about the the guy who took the front door – he sent me an email after he’d picked it up telling me how beautiful it was and that he wasn’t expecting it to be so nice. I said he’d installed it and appreciated it and was surprised I’d given it away.

I hope the back door finds a great home, too.

The door sure has a new home! The brown house, red trim, red door and black storm door all work together.

Paul encountered a problem though; it’s one I’ve already known about. The house is not straight. It’s off by maybe half-an-inch but that’s enough to make things fit catty-wampus. Jason had mentioned it before when he was re-fitting the wood trim around my bedrooms windows. Well, mention is a weak word – he was frustrated that someone would allow that to happen.

Hey, it’s not as bad as the house in West Seattle, just above the Fauntleroy ferry. The house was four inches off because it was built on sand. To make things worse, former tenants had burrowed under the house and created a 10-foot deep “man-cave.” It had all the amenities: small bar, couch, TV, stereo, rug and Atari set-up. They also left a cuckoo clock down there that went off every night at 11 p.m. and it drove us nuts trying to find where the noise was coming from. I was freaked out about going down there much because the shifting sands shifted the house, what would happen if the sand walls collapsed? Not a single door in the house could close but being buried alive was a worse scenario.

At least all the doors still shut in this house.

All doors including two new storm doors.

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