Un-bear-ably rude

Bears are getting crazy up here!

A local woke up this morning and found a mama bear in their CRV. Two cubs were up a tree next to the car. The owner isn’t being forthcoming about how the bear came to be in the car but my guess is someone left a window open. They swore there was no food in the car.

Bears are not dainty. The inside of the car was completely destroyed. I mean everything. The head liner was torn out and the door panels were heaped in the driver’s side. The glove box: shredded. Seats torn and the steering wheel was in the back seat.

She said the insurance adjuster laughed when she called in the claim because it doesn’t happen that often and the owner described the damage in painful detail and they could hear the car alarm through the phone.

Seems like it’s happening more and more up here. I’ve had my gate rattled a few times late at night. Bears are trying to get at my trash now that it smells so fine what with kitten food leftovers and litter box offerings.

There are many, many sightings in broad daylight. Either more people are home with their cell phones charged or more brave bears around here.

I sure hope the window to that car was left open and that’s how the bear got in. To think they would break a window takes fear to a whole new level. Next they’ll be swiping my debit card and using my pin.

I still by my religious observance of trash management. Keep it secured away and keep the shotgun handy.

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