Buzz! Where are you?

Dang old Buzz has gone missing.

He’s been gone for three days and I know that’s not unusual for cats because cats is funny things.

He left out the window on Sunday morning about 5 a.m., his usual routine on days I work. He looked back for a moment and trotted daintily down the stairs and over the south fence.

When I returned home from work, the girls were waiting for me but no Buzz. On occasion he disappears overnight and shows up the next day tired and hungry. He eats his fill, sleeps like a log and goes back outside again to continue his prowl.

It’s on the third day and no Buzz. I’ve walked the property and down the right-of-way. I’ve driven round the block very slowly looking for any sign.

I know his skulking patterns and figured he’d headed over towards the house that Furnace Guy owns. The fence is low where it meets the Rhygs’s property and could easily be jumped. I’ve stood by the fence and called for him but didn’t hear any meows. Furnace Guy has unfriendly dogs.

There are several buildings and it’s conceivable he could have gone inside and gotten locked in. It’s also possible he was attacked by his dogs.

Buzz also goes to the property behind me but they have a new puppy and Buzz doesn’t like dogs.

I don’t put it past Mr. I’m An Engineer to lay out traps and try to get my cats because he’s angry over the fuss of his barking dogs. I believe he’s capable of hurting animals.

I’m not sure how far Buzz ranges. The Rhygs said they saw him Sunday afternoon heading over towards Furnace Man’s property.

They said Petticoat hangs out on their patio deck and their mouse population has greatly declined. They said they’d keep an eye out for Buzz. They’re well acquainted with my cats and see them as a resource not a nuisance.

I’ve been over to Furnace Man’s house twice but I think they’re on vacation. No answer at the gate and no dogs in the yard. I’m afraid of the answer I may find over there.

I keep waiting his head will pop up in the window and he’ll come in and eat his fill, barf it up and then go take a nap. Just like old times.

The thing is it’s been quieter without Buzz around. No howling at night to go out, no drops of cat pee on the floors. No scuffles with The Girls over the top platform on the cat trees. The Girls are lighter, friendlier, happier. I’m mopey without that stupid cat talking back to me when I call him and the sound his claws make when he climbs over the fence. He’s so crammed with personality, more than either of The Girls or even Jack or Nina.

Stupid cat. Seek and ye shall find is my motto. I never found out what happened to Boyfriend when he disappeared 14 year ago even though I searched high and low. I’m keeping an eye out for Buzz, walking around and calling for him. I’ll ask neighbors and hold vigil.

Stupid cat.

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