Diary of a mad homeowner

The trials and tribulations of fixing up a house filled with character but not much else

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Looking around

I suppose I’m staying through the winter. I’ve had wood delivered and had the long lengths blocked. I can’t find anything down the hill I’d trade for living up here, dogs and all.

When I was contemplating a sell I took pictures of the property. I didn’t trust someone with shaky hands and a cheap camera to capture the light. Though the house isn’t showcase, the property is mitigated and nice.

I saw an ad for our neighbor’s property – the one for sale and one of the pictures was of my expensive and well-mitigated forest.

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Mrs. Curly No Spell boasted on FB that they’re putting up a fence so her dogs won’t see me and start barking. Since her lack of knowledge of the English language is as egregious as mosquitos in Louisiana then I can only imagine that they will try to install the fence without consulting Jefferson County Planning and Zoning.

Mr. I’m An Engineer and Mrs. Curly No Spell are doing a better job of controlling their dogs. The silence is erie. But like a wolf in the woods, you know they’re still there.

Most of the downed wood in the pictures is in the process of being moved up to the shed for consumption this winter. It’s good to have the piles gone and the random pieces cleaned up.

I had half a cord delivered by a transplant Londoner who longed for the Colorado lifestyle and jumped with both feet. With chainsaw in hand he embraced the mountain culture and opened a business selling firewood. I can’t think of a wider cultural reach than London to Evergreen.

Since I’m a fan of British literature his linguistic phrases were familiar and funny. It was like having James Herriot come to visit.

He served in the British military and served all over the world. He worked with intelligence and for the most part had a good time. Thirty-one years was enough and as he put it, “If I’d been convicted of manslaughter, I’d been out sooner.”

He’s trying to make a go of it up at altitude and has all the physical hardness required to survive up here where the air is thin.

He’s offered to participate in the ever-continuing saga of cutting trees and removing slash. His prices are high and I hate to admit that the only person who’s ever perfectly nailed trees and mitigation is my ex-friend, drunk and former inmate. The tree saga continues as a few have died and others are showing stress from the rains over the last 10 days.

The trees are in for a surprise – snow is forecast for tonight above 10,000 feet but I have a feeling we’ll see a slight dusting up here tonight.

That’s today, August 19, 2016. Snow. A small amount but still, snow.

Fine by me.

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