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Moving right along with the remodel on the mud room.

Today was mudding day and wow, is it intense. I’m used to the wood paneling that had a rather passive quality to it but the new texture is RIGHT-IN-YOUR-FACE kind of intense.

I wasn’t asked what texture I wanted on my walls and frankly I don’t know that I really like what I’ve got. I think it’s a mistake for contractors to just decide what I’m going to get and not ask me.

I think the texture is a little much and not really appropriate for a mountain cabin. It has a “Tuscan” feel to it and it’s rather overwhelming. My preference is for smooth walls; texturing isn’t a favorite. They were done with the texture before I knew they were working on it and not just patching.

It’s true the Mud-Man is really good at what he does. I’ve seen this texture before – the house in Highlands Ranch had it and it looked great. I’m just not sure about it in a 12′ x 12′ room.

I’ll live with it a bit and see how I feel but right now it’s lots of texture.

The kid doing the job has ideas for flooring in there and he has connections to discounts. He also has ideas about the bathroom and a remodel there. We’ll see how it goes.

Right now I need to recover from this remodel.

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