Autumn light

Autumn in the mountains is the best season of all. The light changes and has a glow not found in the most other months. This morning’s light held its promise.

The aspens are experts at catching the sun and that’s probably why all the leafy-lookey-loos drive up U.S. 285 in search of a glimpse. Most times they don’t even get out of their cars except to stop at the Loaf ‘N Jug to buy gummy worms and chemicalized beverages.

It’s hard for me to get really excited about the yellow leaves. Every time I see an aspen with some red, I always get a second look in because it’s rare. I guess it’s because I am surrounded by aspens and even more are coming up in the back yard. In a few short years the yard will be filled with them and then I’ll have my own personal audience with fall.

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It’s time to put the yard to bed; the raspeberry bushes have lost their leaves and the two tomato plants have withered from the 30-degree nights we’ve had. I’ve covered the remaining petunias but their days are numbered.

Soon everything will be covered in snow and the yearly tasks of snow management will arrive.

I’m thinking it’s almost the end of kitten season and I may have one of my last kittens from the Class of 2016. I think I’ve about 12 kittens come through here and most have been a real treat. This last kitten is a little black female with a white bib. She’s been great fun with lots of energy but she’s sweet. No, I don’t want to keep her. I like the visitors who come and stay and brighten up my day but like with most visitors, it’s always good when they go home.

So it’s all about winding down and putting the Bar B to bed for the winter. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

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