Pictures of Buzz

Pictures of Buzz help me to remember what a great cat he was.

He’s been gone almost 2 weeks now and I have no expectation he will return. I have high hopes he found a new home that suited him or he is just on an adventure somewhere. The reality, I’m sure is less pleasant.

I miss Buzzy-boy but I’m turn at the guilt; Buzz was a pisser. He didn’t saturate, he sprinkled. Favorite places but not fabrics. I must have bought a couple hundred dollars of Nature’s Miracle.

The problem started after I brought home a full-grown foster cat who after a short time started to take over the house. The foster cat was expelled to another foster home but the habits remained. It was hard because the more unhappy he was the more he peed. I don’t miss that.

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I miss the cat so crammed with personality and quirks. Buzz came when called and had a dainty trot. He talked and at times was clearly overjoyed to be engaged in conversation.

He was also pretty stupid. He’d walk down the middle of driveway, instead of skulking along the edge like all other cats. He was careless when he’d jump the fence. Petticoat always takes a few moments to assess the situation on the other side of the fence but not Buzz. He leapt with abandon, sure he could control his world.

He played with mice and voles and tortured their little bodies until the end. He’d toss and wrestle with them. Mice still fear him.

He loved water and like to drink out of the sink. He’d eat anything you put in front of him but loved Fancy Feast. He’d eat 3-4 cans a day of the stuff.

Buzz loved summer; he’d spend hours on end outside. Day or night he’d prowl the property as well as the neighbor’s acreage. He loved the scummy cat tree out in the yard. It was placed out there after a foster kitten that arrived with Buzz brought ringworm into the house. The cat tree has been a perch since 2012 and is falling apart but Buzz loved it. People walking along the road commented about the “cat on the perch” in the yard. Neighbors told me he seemed like he owned the place.

Buzz also loved brushing and had an awful coat. He got one of my special haircuts each spring because he would shed with hurricane force. The Furminator was a must have because just brushing wouldn’t remove half his orange hair.

Buzz terrorized The Girls and the house is quieter without all the fights. Petticoat is still vocal about going out but she gives up and accepts the limits. Buzz thought limits were for other cats, not him.

I will sure miss Buzz. He had more personality than any cat I’ve ever had. He was a free spirit who prowled through life with joyful abandon.

My Buzz-Buzz.

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