Roof damage: fixed

American Premier Restoration came up and saved the day – the roof damage is fixed!

The crew made quick work of the burned shingles and warped gutter. It couldn’t really see the true damage until after they took the gutter off but the shingles were melted tight. The warped gutter allowed water to seep in and damage the mudroom ceiling.

The crew also installed thicker ice/water shield to protect the roof from the severe ice build up that happens each year.

They strung heat tape all along the north and south edge of the gutter and instead of being wired into the panel, it plugs into the outlet in the front. I’d like to have one of those automatic switches the turns the tape on and off automatically but that’s not in the budget right now.

Part of the crew was a young kid named Dom. Dom has a fiancee, two kids and a broken wrist. American Restoration hires him because he’s a good worker, motivated and in bad need of money. I knew after he finished the mudroom repair he’d be back to rescue the mudroom from the clutches of the 70s.

Right now I’m glad the work is done because I was running out of time.

Now I just have to pay for it all: the deductible, the cost overruns and everything else. Never ends.

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