Poopy kittens

FAS called and I answered. The shelter had received 40+ kittens from Alamosa and they needed to move them out to foster homes quickly. I picked up three of them and brought them home.

The first sign of trouble was Margaret scooting her butt across the floor. Then started the smelly loose stools. Their poopy footprints covered the hardwood floor. Goopy eyes followed soon after and I began to be reluctant to go in the room!

FAs was great about getting me meds for their problems but the meds didn’t work and the amount of poop on the floor increased. There was poop on the walls, cat tree, the toys, all the litter boxes and the bedding.

I ended up taking them back to the shelter long before they were ready. They needed to have their poops cultured to find out what bug had crawled up their little butts.

It kind of scarred me from fostering, especially after Max and Bingo.

Margaret- June 2017

I had to scrub down the entire room with a bleach solution. I had to do this three times and rinse the floor four times. The bright side was the mop was bleached clean. I threw it out anyway.

There are four litter boxes outside in the sun, bleaching them with nature’s own brand of disinfectant. I also washed up all the salvageable cat toys and put them out in the sun as well. The cat tree is still out there.

Maureen – June 2017

I’ve watched the bulletins sent out by FAS in their desperate attempt to get fosters to take as many kittens to make room for even more kiddos coming their way. Kitten season was slow to start but has picked up with force. I look out for the Poopy Kittens but I haven’t seen them. I’m hoping the flames have stopped shooting out of their little butts.

So the kitten room sits empty and I’m in no hurry to bring home any more poopy kittens.

Frank – June 2017

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