Vandy, Cleo and Luna

These three kittens to me and they were named “3, 4 and 5.” The shelter had gotten so busy that they didn’t have time to name them. I gave them names: Vandy, Cleo and Luna. Vandy I named after a friend’s horse who was a world champion roping horse and there’s no correlation other than I always liked the name! Cleo’s name came from I don’t know where and Luna I named after my friend, Amanda Luna.

The kittens were healthy but shy and needed socialization. Truly, my house isn’t the best place for kitten socialization because I get so few visitors that make the trek up to the Bar B. I had to put in more time to get them to come around.

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The kittens were shy the first few days and I got the feeling they were at could go rather feral or be the sweetest kittens ever. Vandy and Cleo got with the program quickly but Luna wasn’t having it. The kittens went back for shots and we decided to split them up. Vandy and Cleo came back with me and Luna went to a foster home that didn’t have any other animals and two people who could force her to be social. She came out of her shell and turned into a sweetie.

I’d put Vandy and Cleo’s pictures on my Facebook page and a few people expressed interest in them. One friend brought her two kids up to the house and I thought maybe the kids might scare the timid kittens but Vandy and Cleo came to life when they saw kids. The oldest girl chose Cleo.

Another friend wanted to adopt Vandy and came to see her. Vandy was timid at first but figured out my friend would give her endless affection and the two made friends. Both kittens went to happy homes.

I liked Vandy the most – she would sit on my lap for long periods of time and she was completely trusting.

I’ve had pictures of both of them in their new homes and Cleo seems totally happy with her new owner, surrounded by toys and laying on her bed.

Fostering is great.

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