Ragdoll boys

It was very early in kitten season but four ragdoll kittens were dropped off at the shelter. These kittens weren’t just kittens of questionable lineage, these were purebred ragdolls.

Most purebred ragdoll kitten litters have the same markings but this litter looked like two different fathers had ‘been involved’ which reduces the kittens value.

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The shelter split up the litter and I took home Max and Bingo.

I could tell they were loved kittens. They were used to being adored and they were incredibly healthy. Most kittens I bring home usually sprout GI and eye problems. Not these guys.

They were used to lounging around as ragdolls and all cats enjoy. They were so fun to have around. I hated to send them back and the shelter balked at my suggestions that they be kept indoors at all times because ragdolls really have no idea how to be in the wild. They’re bred to be docile and the world isn’t a safe place for their gentleness and inquisitiveness. I also recommended they be groomed at least once a year and would require daily brushings. I was told that the goal is to get kittens homes and they’re not that picky.

I sent them back and actually regretted it. Most times I’m glad to see the kittens go because let’s face it, kittens are hard work. I knew that keeping them wasn’t a good idea because the hair from one ragdoll, Nina, was hard to live with but two would have been the very essence of misery.

The pair was adopted by a woman in Evergreen and I can imagine that with summer weather that they’re shedding like crazy.

I still miss them terribly.

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