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Mudroom – now too nice for mud

My house is nothing without a mudroom.

I can’t imagine the doorway to the mudroom as the door to outside. I imagine this house would be freezing in the winter, not to mention a more attractive entry for bears. After all, the fridge is right by the door and Yogi would be tempted to help himself.

When the roof caught on fire in 2016 the old paneling was covered with new drywall but the old peel-and-stick tile remained. The only solution was to put a coating over it and put new flooring on top. Scraping up the old tile would be dumb – it had asbestos in it and no one wants to deal with that.

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I choose a composite floor that is light gray and smooth as silk. I wish I’d known about this flooring before I wasted time and money on pre-finished hardwood floors because what’s in the mudroom would be ideal for the rest of the house. When the time comes this flooring will go in the bathroom.

The treatment they put down to cover the asbestos tiles stunk bad. It gave me a headache and I had to keep the door to the house closed until the smell cleared out.

One real advantage to the composite flooring is it comes with edging in the same color. The edging still hasn’t been done in the rest of my house and it’s frustrating because contractors say they want to come up and finish it and they don’t.

Once again, Dun-Rite took care of the flooring and I couldn’t be happier with the finished result. Easy to clean, easy to look at and such an improvement over the way it used to look. Now the mudroom is too good for mud.

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