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Kitchen remodel – FINALLY

Last year I refinanced my house and took out funds to remodel my kitchen and bathroom. Finally, I’d be able to update two of the last big chunks in this house. It’s only been 8 years.

I’ve had enough of independent contractors so I asked a few friends if they’d used any contracting companies. Ones I could bash on Yelp if necessary. Three friends had used Dun-rite in Denver and were very happy.

I called them and made an appointment to have someone come out.

The nice thing about Dun-Rite is they bring the selection to you and honestly I’m glad I don’t have to choose from everything in the store. They provide a wide range of samples but it’s not overwhelming. Pick the treatments you want and pull the puzzle together. Another nice thing about in-home shopping is you can see how the colors look in the light in your house – not fluorescent lighting where even supermodels look wan.

I signed the contract and everything was ordered and the construction date was set. Dun-Rite is popular so the date wasn’t for four months. I was fine with that.

My job was to clear everything out of the kitchen. You start looking at how many colanders you have as well as how many pieces are missing out of your silverware. I ended up taking a box to Goodwill.

One technician was assigned to my project with three specialists, one for the floor in the mudroom, a plumber and a sick, angry guy for the counters.

It took six days to refit my kitchen and say goodbye to the 1970s cabinets. I felt bad as he drove away with them, headed for the Dumpster.

The best feature is that I now have a cabinet for trash and recycling instead of having two cans out in plain site. Open the door, pull out the rack and there’s a place and it’s clean and doesn’t smell. Along with the cabinet I got an extra drawer that still isn’t full.

Here it is a couple months later and everything works. Not a single problem with anything. I can’t say that about many other contractors I worked with in my eight years here.

I had hoped to have the bathroom done but the cost was more than I had to spend so the bathroom will get done another time.

For now, I’m really enjoying my new/old kitchen.

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